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Sheldon Simeon


CHIKO After Dark Series with Chef Sheldon Simeon

The menu specials begin at 10:00 pm and will last until midnight, Friday, October 27th. The event is not a ticketed event; walk-ins are welcome. Doors are open to all on a first come, first serve basis. Alcohol specials will be announced.

An additional late night Kitchen Counter seating will be offered at 10:30. These reservation holders will be served to our Eat the Menu tasting with the bonus of our guest chefs’ unique creations. The $50 cost per person will remain the same for this late night Kitchen Counter experience.

Sheldon Simeon

Chef Sheldon’s food is a playful, fun take on classic dishes. His mix of innovative modern cuisine and adherence to tradition influence his food and help shape his menus. His growing legion of loyal fans will attest to his award-winning creativity and palate.