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What is the After Dark Series?

The CHIKO After Dark Series is a event offering special dishes created by CHIKO Chefs Lee and Drewno as well as a highlighted Guest Chef. The guests dishes are only available during the evening of the event ensuring a unique experience every time. Selections from the current CHIKO menu are available during the time of the event.. All specials are priced a modest $8.


Jamie Bissonnette

Friday, Sept. 28th @ 9:30

Past Events

Adam Greenberg and Bradley Langdon

Danielle Leoni and

Amy Brandwein

Kevin Tien and.

Carlie Steiner

Ed Lee

Seng Luangrath and Katsuya Fukushima

Marja Vongerichten and Tony Kim

Adam Sobel and Anthony Lombardo

Mei Lin

Sheldon Simeon